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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

bonne + lime love = b.Limey!

The Fabulous Kate Gilbert writes in the last edition of b.Limey: “In the haute couture fashion world, green is considered bad luck so many designers avoid it. Madame Carven was one of the first (and only?) successful designers to use lots and lots of green.”

Way to pique my imagination, Kate! Superstitions, fashion, luck, mystery, intrigue – all just the stuff we are made of over hereaaah @ChicKnits…

So onto the Fashion History Ride, where we find:

“According to Liles, Scheele’s green or arsenic sage was introduced about 1770. Although it was extremely poisonous, it was used to dye cotton, linen and paper.”

Liles states that “Napier complained bitterly in 1875 that the dye was still being used and that it poisoned the maker, the winders of yarn dyed with it, and the person using the dyed article.” (p.145)

“He adds that it was particularly dangerous when used on wallpaper and that there is good evidence that the arsenic from the wallpaper in his bedroom on St. Helena killed Napoleon and poisoned some of his servants.”

The STUFF that TOOK DOWN the tiny Emperor? The arsenic in the dye itself was the culprit!

More from the Victorian Web:

“At Guy’s Hospital in London a surgeon had been presented with many patients suffering from sore eyelids and lips and lung and throat complaints, and he was the first to isolate a univerul cause. A cheap and widely used type of wallpaper was decorated in green foliage and flowers, the pattern made up in thick relief of arsenite of copper. Under heat or agitation from brushing or cleaning, particles of dust would slowly poison people in the room.”

And there’s the flip-side of a favorite color: the POPULAR color!

And you thought Avocado green refrigerators were LETHAL…


more on Madame Carven, the petite grand couturier, who, for the love of lime, defied the superstition:It all began when Madame CARVEN decided to establish her own Haute Couture house on the Rond Point des Champs Elys

Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Now that Chicago has become such a HOT tourist destination everybody is offering generous travel stop hype…

from Men’s Health magazine: “Look for where State and Rush Streets intersect to form a triangle (nicknamed the “Viagra Triangle” because of the head-turners seen there). Best viewing area: the outdoor patio at the Tavern on Rush.”

Overheard: “It doesn’t have that Viagra feeling,” she said. “They call this area the `Viagra Triangle’ don’t they?”

Ashley was talking about the granddaddy bars of the Rush Street area, places like The Lodge and Mother’s, spots that are often a haven for, um, the older set–men and women still trying to hang on to their youth.”

Under 40? Enjoy a cocktail called the “Little Blue Pill” @Elm Street Liquors and do some People Watchin’ People Watchin’ People yourself…


ChicKnits Advice: furgeddaboudit – go yarn shopping…

Chicago Area Yarn Stores

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Missa, aka The Midnight Knitter has finished her crocheted Capelet for the Flower Power CAL – WOW! Great job – I am on a poncho bender myself and this has given me the shot in the arm I need to get a move on…

She also has created a page with
for fiber artists.

This fits my bill:


BUT this is probably closer to the truth


Thanks, Missa!

(Please be sure and download these to your own server so you are following cool blog etiquette…)

The Fabulous Lisa, over at BlogDogBlog is playing with COOL buttons as she nears the finish line with her Adult Surprise Jacket. Always a treat: the pictures she posts of her tiny schmoo herd of Dachsunds:
Mike, Jack, and Della…

Her sister has a blog called Banana Flip! and a new puppy named Apple who actually is more of a fruit than possibly Gwyneth’s bambino??

THE one and only Brainy Lady confesses a crush on Alred Molina (Spiderman) – read her July 15th entry on his Girly-Man Group – the heterosexual anthesis of the MetroSexual!


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