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Friday, June 25, 2004

first came the Mondo Condo next the Mondo Rib…

Why am I laughing so loudly? I have just flipped off the Third Time is a Charm hysteria that ripples my Frog Pond and have made it on TWO!!!

This little charmer has already seen the rewind button once. I finished the WHOLE FRONT and decided I just didn’t like how it fit.

Yes, there’s that word again…


Fit me like a pair of gloves. Fit as a fiddle and ready for love.

Oh everything blooms when you show it some LOVE!

And the LOVE in this case was ripping it’s nasty tight knitted — out and redoing it with TAhDAh – #13 needles instead of #11 needles. OOOOhhh, improved drape and texture galore…

Now this leaves me FIT TO BE TIED – why does the company who distributes the yarn print more than one needle size with the gauge info. I NEED THE *BEST USE* SIZE ONLY – can experiment later if I have the time. I knit really average – almost ALWAYS hit the label recommendation.

Of course, I’m grousing because I didn’t – ahem – S-W-A-T-C-H! Even though I’ve never knitted with this fat tape before, I thought, hmmm, I’ll just read the label and fly away! NOT!

So I end up with a 20 by 21 inch swatch FIT FOR A KING but not ready for the – ahem – Queen…

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