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Thursday, June 17, 2004


TONIGHT! 7-9pm Letizia’s 2144 W Division


However thought they could start a lace project at 11pm, should be sent to their room immediately for some QUIET TIME…

In an effort to make Wardrobe Reality, I started a little lace poncho this weekend. And re-started, and re-started until my head spun! I tried 5 different stitch patterns, in all. I wrote all of the stitch patterns down (I really liked something called Bead Stitch and will use it in the future…) but forgot to photograph them before I RIPPED ’em OUT! What a pretty little story board that would’ve made…

First off, I went with some Brilla (Filatura di Crosa) in a very pretty cream. Alas, this yarn is just too shiny for what I had in mind. I was hoping to use a variation of something called Vine Lace but the pattern was just lost in the glare from the rayon wrap of the yarn.

I had expanded the mesh portion of the pattern – in fact, 2 of my first tries were mesh only. I really like the way it looked but all I could think of was how BORRINNNNg…

So then I went on to another type of yarn – this one a deep Stash Revival of an eBay purchase. It is similar to Cotton Classic, but actually a DK instead of worsted weight. It cost all of $12.00 for 1200 yds. – came in a very large unwound skein that has been frightening me for almost two years.

Well, two years ago, I was only working in the mailroom. Today, I’m the CEO! I took that skein and WOUND IT! To the suppliers credit, it was skeined beautifully and did not snag or fuss or pull in the process of ball-making.

And I was rewarded with a wonderful, mercerized, soft, cabled delight-of-a-yarn that doesn’t glare in the light because it’s too shiny and shows the simple stitch pattern beautifully.

I think this final stitch is perfect. It is inspired by a garment I saw on the #66 bus on Tuesday morning. A very stylish young woman had on a black eyelet lace pullover in a wonderful pattern that looked like little bells seperated by more open mesh stripes.

You’ve seen them everywhere too – they are simply a looooong rectangle that is sewn after it is folded lengthwise, leaving an opening for the head.

I am going on vacation in August to North Carolina with the fam, and need a nice little shoulder holder to wear over my summer dresses…

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