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Friday, June 11, 2004


This is a portrait of me knitting, crafted by the beautiful little Brooke! Her mom is none other than the lovely Kerrie from MagKnits & Kerrie’s Place in the UK. Kerrie is also a wonderful writer.

She’s written an article on blogging that appears in the Spring/Summer Rowan Newsletter. In the article was a most flattering mention of ChicKnits’s Blog – I’m just grinning from EAR to EAR!!!

ROWAN! I love Rowan – wouldn’t you just like to go visit all their designers and have a KIP! I always see the travelKnit tours and would just like to go to London or Holmfirth and meet all the superstars that put these lovely designs and magazines together. I see on the back page of the newsletter all sorts of weekend retreats and one day workshops all over the place – especially the John Lewis stores.

Also in the package from the UK was this:

How mouthwatering is this?! Sienna in a beautiful fuschia paired with an irresistable lime…

Add a splash of champagne, and I’m ready to go! Cheers, Kerrie! Thanks so very much for the good writing vibes and…

a HUGE thank you to little Brooke! She made me look mahvelous – reproduced my hair SPOT ON!!!

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