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Thursday, June 3, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

more beautiful Onde Stars!


VOILA! Another wonderful look takes the runway at the Onde KnitAlong!

Jenny S, lookin good, writes: “I actually really like how it turned out, EXCEPT for the fact that it’s too big from the waist down and it rolls like mad at the bottom 2 inches. I thought I was being really smart by doing the first 5 rows in garter. But the pattern instructions say to go back and crochet a border. Doh! To make matters worse, I have no pink yarn left to do the crochet border. I tried it with the white, and it just looks bad.”

Hmmmmmm… A Little Remedial Onde Therapy is in order…

ChicKnits Solution #1: Knit a garter stitch *ribbon* out of the same yarn (I’d make it about one inch across or as wide as the original garter stitch hem) but knit the longways – ie. 8sts knit in garter stitch for 36″ or however long you need to go around, with the ribbon slightly stretched. It can be made of whatever color you have left, using the larger needle.

Then sew it to the inside of the bottom of the shell as a facing – this will stop the bottom from rolling….

These types of *Ribbons* are also good to cover the nasty Zipper Tape Effect and Neck Seam Blahs…

Solution #2: How to Alter an Existing Knitted Garment – TEKtalk will explore how to take-in and re-seam a shell of our own with a sewing machine. Coming up next week…

Go Tara GO! Tara is almost done on her Onde Pullover for her lovely daughtrer Taylor…

Don’t forget about Michelle’s Onde but DO GO DIRECTLY to the beautiful Rhubarb Pie (!) that she talks about in her May 26th entry…

YUM! Just the thing to get you through those UP chillies with a nice cup-o-joe… My mom has a recipe for a rhubarb/strawberry pie with a sour cream glaze that she made while I was visiting a few weeks ago and it totally blew my away! Is Rhubarb a Michigan thing?

AND – Michelle, the original Chairman of the Board of the DyePot Nation, talks about dying some OTHER yarn in the Onde way…


Jorun is making great progress on her *Le Pulli* – check it out over at *Life de Luxe*…

Heidi writes: “Will someone please stop my thesis, I need to get off…

But in all of this insanity is this little island of calm, happy, purple vibes. Ladies and gentleman, I am Onde Way!”

[And a Happy Belated Birthday to YOU, Heidi!!! :) ]

My very own *Tie et Dye* is half done! YIPPEEEEE!!


Here’s how the front/back piece looks completed.


I re-vamped the armholes and re-knit the sleeve cap. I used my trusty knitter’s graph paper and made a new sleeve cap that was better fitting than my first interpretation of the original. Dig those belled sleeves! You can also see the knit-in quasi button band where Snap Tape is going to be sewn.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

take a walk around my block

Gucci Window, Michigan Ave
photo by Bonne Marie Burns

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