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Sunday, June 20, 2004


Welcome! to Froggy Knits, new to the KnitBlog Ring, whose Motto: “cause some days you’re froggin’ more than you’re knittin” – could be the Story of MY Life…

A HUGE ShoutOUT to Julie, the mighty BoogaJ, our KnitBlog Mom, who in spite of her very busy life keeps our ring a-rollin’ along – thanks Missy Jules and when are we fiber hunting together, soon? We’ll be sure to be ONTIME with that Fab SHREK watch of yours!

I’ve been admiring Sharlene’s work for ages now and really enjoy her gallery slide shows…

check ’em out @Mommio

I especially adore your Tiffany!

I love the name of Elka’s blog – the title is *Elka Knits* then in smaller letters *because*…

my sentiments exactly, Elka!

Elka, who is moving soon, may not have to suffer so badly through the packing blues if you help her De-STASH

Heidi & Lynette (hi Monica!!) are working on tanks for Nathania’s Tank Along and my Trestle Tank was lonely….

So….join up I did!


Over at tr

Friday, June 18, 2004


Picasso @Daley Plaza


where one can buy some delicious fruit at the Farmer’s Market


or in less than two snaps snap up some salacious peas…


where Picasso’s models grab a smoke and some veggies
before the afternoon session…


MiniRant: although I wholeheartedly love going to the Farmer’s Markets around the City, I am chagrined that the *farmers* are selling FLORIDA TOMATOES! And, those *Michigan* strawberries I bought and wanted to eat for my lunch!?

If they were from Michigan, I’m from Costa Rica! You can’t fool a girl who grew up with the real thing! Those watery, tasteless blobs were enough to drive me straight to the sugared-cinnamon-pecan booth!

At least here, the Nut Guy (yes, that’s what it says on his card…) was making them right in front of you. AS ADVERTISED, people…

all photos Bonne Marie Burns

Thursday, June 17, 2004


TONIGHT! 7-9pm Letizia’s 2144 W Division


However thought they could start a lace project at 11pm, should be sent to their room immediately for some QUIET TIME…

In an effort to make Wardrobe Reality, I started a little lace poncho this weekend. And re-started, and re-started until my head spun! I tried 5 different stitch patterns, in all. I wrote all of the stitch patterns down (I really liked something called Bead Stitch and will use it in the future…) but forgot to photograph them before I RIPPED ’em OUT! What a pretty little story board that would’ve made…

First off, I went with some Brilla (Filatura di Crosa) in a very pretty cream. Alas, this yarn is just too shiny for what I had in mind. I was hoping to use a variation of something called Vine Lace but the pattern was just lost in the glare from the rayon wrap of the yarn.

I had expanded the mesh portion of the pattern – in fact, 2 of my first tries were mesh only. I really like the way it looked but all I could think of was how BORRINNNNg…

So then I went on to another type of yarn – this one a deep Stash Revival of an eBay purchase. It is similar to Cotton Classic, but actually a DK instead of worsted weight. It cost all of $12.00 for 1200 yds. – came in a very large unwound skein that has been frightening me for almost two years.

Well, two years ago, I was only working in the mailroom. Today, I’m the CEO! I took that skein and WOUND IT! To the suppliers credit, it was skeined beautifully and did not snag or fuss or pull in the process of ball-making.

And I was rewarded with a wonderful, mercerized, soft, cabled delight-of-a-yarn that doesn’t glare in the light because it’s too shiny and shows the simple stitch pattern beautifully.

I think this final stitch is perfect. It is inspired by a garment I saw on the #66 bus on Tuesday morning. A very stylish young woman had on a black eyelet lace pullover in a wonderful pattern that looked like little bells seperated by more open mesh stripes.

You’ve seen them everywhere too – they are simply a looooong rectangle that is sewn after it is folded lengthwise, leaving an opening for the head.

I am going on vacation in August to North Carolina with the fam, and need a nice little shoulder holder to wear over my summer dresses…

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