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Tuesday, May 4 , 2004



What came first? The chicken or the… SHEEP! Before there is Yarn, before there is fried Twinkies, before there is Sausage, One MUST pay their respects to la Raison du Voyage: les Beaux Animaux!

WHO could resist the happy Lambs, the rasta pasta headed Rams, the ET lookin’ species I have NO Name for, and the BARNS full of other delightful four-legged critters that spanned the ACRES of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival?

Even in the company of the two most knowledgable & talented Shepardess’ on the Planet: the incredible Sylvia & Claudia (did I mention beautiful?! – ladies – I’m writing your mother a Thank You note for Mother’s Day), we were spun round round round by the sheer numbers of pens, all in rows, each more exciting than the last. Many Shepards had large displays explaining the History and Purpose of the Breed they were raising – I could’ve spent DAYS studying the facts – each was presented with pictures and letters and drawings – like a super-sized science fair project – some very sophisticated – some just simple and raw – like the straw on the ground. These I liked the best.

We spent a good amount of time in the Barns talkin’ to the animals…

here’s a handsome Ram eating Lunch –
he said his name was Frank & that he was a close personal
friend of John Travolta but preferred working with Nick Cage…

I thank all of the Shepards for styling the Heads of the Sheep in various
and wonderfully individual ways for my pleasure…

Many of the animals had tufts and locks left in place
that made them look especially CUTE!

This Sheep is also wearing a coat to protect it’s valuable fleece.

These could be the Paris & Nicole High Maintenence Lambies
with coats on early in their career

After years of wearing the Coat, one travels with their personal stylist who gamely trims the forelocks of their feet in a masterful sheep pedicure in preparation for the Ring Event.

ChicKnits notes that the female stylist seems to be doing all of the work while the male ??? contingent chews tobacco and supervises on the left

…all photos & graphics

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