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Monday, May 24, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


And so it begins…

I’m only human.

I HAVE to eat. SO I have to go shopping.

And thus it happens.


The millions of Products invading my space with their buyability because they are adorned with…


So far, I’ve succumbed to this lovely Ogre Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap. The soap comes out of Shrek’s hand and smells Apple-y. I washed many times yesterday. It’s absolutely logical – if the Ogre can’t kill Germs, who can?!

Then, there were the chips~! I’m not even supposed to EAT chips. And there in my cart is a HUGE bag of Lay’s Wavy’s with the Donkey & Shrek on the bag.

Oh, did I mention the M&M’s?!

Beth tipped me off several weeks ago: “Shrek M&Ms – seriously, my daughter came home from a night at Grandma’s with a big bag of them. They’re Shrek-y colors and a bit bigger than the average M&M.

Thought you’d like to know – beth”

Right ON Beth! I’m there!

And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t spead the JOY!?



“Based on the first film’s success, DreamWorks has licensed about 80 companies to make “Shrek” items from watches to skateboards, bed sheets to backpacks, and toothpaste to computer games.

Eight promotional partners include PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay unit, which is offering its Cheetos snack in a version that turns tongues green. Hewlett-Packard Co is selling “Shrek” computer products, and fast-food chain Burger King has “Shrek” collectibles.”

some Faves…

1. the Shrek Etch-a-Sketch: I could put this to good use in traffic jams on the Kennedy…

2. the Talking Donkey (only will get if he says: “I’m goona make waffles!”)

3. And the plush Beanie 7″ Donkey (and you all thought I was only in love with the Big Guy!)

4. Shrek 3 is in the works and will revolve around Shrek joining the Knights of the Round Table!

Friday, May 21, 2004


AYE-EEEEEE!!! And what should I find in my post box this week but this lovely *proto-yarn* from the lovely Claudia…

I opened it while at a stop light in heavy traffic and heard the above sound, shouted LOUDLY in fear, from my truckmate (a male reporter!) when I pulled it from its envelope.

THIS chunk-o-Border Leicester Ram is more powerful than a thousand evil glares! Gotta get a whole Fleece STAT!

Thanks Claudia!



A huge THANKS to Caroline for this lovely pattern book and beautiful card! Caroline got a lowly ball of magenta Fixation from ChicKnits a while back and sent this in gratitude – merci beaucoup, oh gracious, generous one!



What?! were they thinking?! What was I thinking? I actually bought these honkers a couple of weeks ago – was my head up my, oh you know…

The cable on these is almost as big as the needle and STICKY! I actually tried to use them on the Mondo Condo and almost expired from exhaustion while trying to move the yarn down the vast expanse of plastic.

I can’t believe I bought the *#@$%$ thing…

The Addi folks also replaced their small gauge cables awhile back with a stiff, uncurling, plastic material and all hell broke loose in the knitting universe. I was one of the people banging my head against the wall when I opened a fresh pack and found foul play.

I want my old plastic back!

Thursday, May 20

Onde = Wave = Ombre

the Finish Line Arrives


The temperature in Dijon, France has surely hit the roof! Anna’s wonderful sweater is finished and is HOT HOT HOT!

Read all about it Here.

Our very own co-host, Silvia (from California!), has finished her wonderful Onde as well! Read her May 8th entry for all the fab specs…

Right On SIL! It looks SMASHING!

Theresa is ALMOST DONE! Bravo neighbor! It looks MAHVeLous!

Wishing Caryn a speedy recovery from some Health Blues!

Go HEIDI GO! On that Thesis!

And last and surely least is my current progress on my sweater:


Now that I’m done with the Wavy Bulb, this is going really fast! I love working with this yarn and adore the fabric it produces. This is the Left Front/Back combo piece. I’ve finished the decreases and am almost done with the waist portion, then on to the bodice increases.

When I was up in Michigan last week, I went on the rounds with my Mom to her Docs, etc. and everywhere I pulled this out to work on it, people came over and ADMIRED it.

I do & do & do ONDE onde…

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