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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

More Onde LOVE!

the 1st variegated ball lasted
until halfway through the cap

If reading around the blog ring is a good barometer of the Universal Knitting Goddess’ hormone level, it would appear that April is, indeed the cruelest month. We are all flying straight into what little sun is breaking through the leftover winter clouds and singeing our tail feathers.

Case in Point: this sleeve should’ve been done this weekend. Other duties(including, but not limited to, dining, theater, drinking) HAD to be attended to so into the week arrived the WAVE. I met up with Carolyn, Mary and the IndiGirl Herself, AMY, for cocktails and knitting in the lobby of the Hotel Intercontinental, Monday. A little wine, a little dim sum, fine conversation, and…

In a space of two hours, I knit and re-knit the sleeve cap until I was wonked! Oh why, Onde Queen, would this cause such a tizzie? COULD it be, I just couldn’t understand the pattern translation? I rewrote it twice to conform to the way I was used to getting sleeve cap instructions; then failed twice, trying to execute my own folly. Made myself read it AGAIN, and last night, knit it exactly to the directions. Here’s my final notes, written on my phone bill (unpaid). I still had to step away from the pattern and talk in Bonneese.


How to make it better? Go Shopping!

The actual #1 Cruelty of April for me is Allergies. I have been scratching my face off, sneezing, waking up every morning with eyes so puffy and bloated, I look like I was boxing with George Foreman over the grill. ( Just a comic aside – has anyone EVER opened a bank account JUST to get that GFgrill? Please write me!)

I recently lost my almost lifelong doctor because my health insurance provider doesn’t pay their bills ( they not only nickle and dime the doctors and clinics to death, they actually don’t pay their bills until they’re SUED!). So, instead of trying to find a new doctor to go see for some new and improved allergy medicine, I tripped on over to the local drugstore for some OTC Claritin AND spent the $$$ I saved on these:


Can you say, OOh La la, Dr. Chanel, check out the Bling in the corner of the lens, that’s Coco’s favorite flower the Camelia.

OMBRE for Everybody!

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