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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

just a beautiful day in the neighborhood…


Everday, sometimes several times a day, I’m stuck at the traffic light at Michigan Ave at Ontario, heading out to the expressways. This could be as easy as a 30 second pass through or an excruciating 5 light extravaganza.

To the left of me, Burberry’s. To the right of me, Coach.


How lucky am I that I am obsessed with Fuschia and Pink. Red & Fuschia. Pink & Kiwi!


AND, I cannot find any local Fuschia summer yarn. Imagine, if you will, the challenge of HAVING to GO repeatedly to the LYSs and search for something that seems not to have made it to the shelves. (Oh poor little me…)

MY FANTASY: LYS owners would have a regular subscription to Vogue, WWD, Harper’s, etc. and would be in touch with what is OUT THERE being offered to us on the racks. Or, better yet, read the Pantone Color Forecast like EVERYBODY ELSE in fashion.

Knitting is fashion.

Fashion is style.

Style is time relevant…

Is it insane to want to look like This Year’s Model, wearing this year’s colors?Why do I want to buy and knit with yarn that is reflective of some other time frame, some other universe ;p

I need Fuschia!

One doesn’t have to bust a move and haunt the runways to get a clue; I just received a catalog from Herrschners, their craft edition. With all the wonky, self-proclaimed luscious, acrylic, fantastique plastique!

Over on page 66 & 67 is listings for the new TLC Cotton Plus (that Mariko’s knitting with) and Lily Elite Cotton.

Both have up to the minute color offerings like Tangerine and Fuchsia. Hmmm, might be a good way to try some COLOR LOVE (without breaking the bank).

one or two for the road…

Adam Polselli: Everything Design

Michigan Ave. Tulips

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