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Thursday, April 15, 2004

one down, one to go…
make it stop!!!

Now that the weather is finally warming up in Chicago, people seem to be inversely cheerful!

As in SURLY.

Maybe it’s just leftover annoyance that Baseball’s Opening Day (for 2 teams!) required a DOWN JACKET but maybe that’s just me…

Even on the Bus, people are snarling at each other.

CASE in POINT: two elderly women are boarding the #66 and one is yelling at the other. She is spouting, “Don’t you bump me again. I DON’T PLAY THAT!” The other one starts shaking HER CANE at Lady #1 and tongue lashes her right back.

Everyone has forgotten how to drive! No turn signals. Extreme lane changes and chases. I lost track of how many times I was cut off on the Dan Ryan coming back from an assignment yesterday. What is going on???

To add insult to injury, my eyes are so swollen by my allergies that it looks like two shrimp are perched over my eyeballs until around noon, EVERYDAY!

[But hey, no prob, I can just blame it on the bit** slappin’ I just received by the Taxman!]

I’m not sure SPRING is my favorite season after all…

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