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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

coming this weekend – a new ChicKnits Pattern!


In the venerable ChicKnits Tradition, one cannot let a holiday pass without some New Threads. So while I’m hustling to finish my Wavy Bulb (and thank god, it’s still cold), I snuck in this pulli, which I call: Gigi. It’s a little frisky, a little flirty and very pretty. This model was made using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn with a gauge of 5 sts / 7 rows per inch.

It was my Easter outfit with a little squiggly polka dot print skirt.

I actually wore hose! Which I love but generally, on a daily basis, do not love me!

Last KIP, I was knitting like a machine, trying to finish this lovely lady. I was a maniac – I could feel the clock ticking – I couldn’t even pay attention to the conversations around me and probably sounded insane when I tried to speak! Go Bonne GO! It’s always a race to the finish line around the holidays here – someday, when I save enough money to get the professional POV I need, I will ask about this Holiday Garment Obsession. Until then, I believe I’m safe until, what, the Fourth of July?!!!

GIGI: I took it with me everywhere – worked into the wee hours finagleing the neckline until I got it just so. I had this design stuck in my mind for several months, just haven’t had

the Little BAD MUSE aguil3.gif whispering those sweet nothings in my ear that generally START MY ENGINES.

But now it’s DONE! And wonder of wonders, it’s left me with some BAD SPRING FEVER! Warm weather? Bring it on!

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