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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

I got my hair cut by a maniac…

and suddenly SCARVES seem like a great idea!

Did you ever have a quickie with a completely unknown hair stylist because your old faithful wasn’t available?!

People, I am shorn as surely as a sheep – and with not as much skill! There is nothing like the moment the stylist twirls your chair and hands you the mirror and you realize: I AM NOT IN A MOVIE!

Or maybe, in my case, you should be in a movie – the New Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Oh – enough whining, please. All I need to soothe my soul is to get some yarn out and play with it.

This tidy little pile has been growing out of sale bins, etc. for over two years. I spoke with my Mom last night, making some Easter FamPlans, and she was all agiggle over FUNfur! That’s right – those crazy scarves have hit the Michigan hinterland in a big way and am I glad?!

G-L-A-D does not begin to convey my happiness in knowing I have a sure thing yarn gift idea for some of those special people in my life. As we all know, sometimes the recipiant reaction to a knitted gift is not what we expect. (Ever go over to someone’s house and see your painstakingly knitted intarsia child’s sweater being used for a dog bed?)

Just another of the millions of reasons to STEP AWAY FROM THE INTARSIA!

Grab that polyester fizz and give it whirl! I’m wearing mine over a Blue Jean Jacket and I bet you won’t even be looking at my HAIR!

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