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Thursday, February 9,2006

I gotta testify if you’re extra fly
Kanye West 2006


And Ms. Bliss – YOU are the Flyest of them all.

I became a true believer stitch-by-stitch, wedgie row-by-row while knitting this *shawl* [that will become a collar]. Flaming enthusiasm was doused by fickle faithlessness. I burnt hot; I burnt cold. It took much longer than I planned. It almost spent time under the couch in a timeout. But the lust for somethinng NEW threw me back in the game. I’m still not sure I get it – but I don’t have to – the loveliness, the symmetry, is quite enjoyable all the same.

Spurring me on were the Grammys. In-between numbers [with occasional johnnyjumpup dancing] I wacked out the last two pattern repeats ending almost-in-time with the spirited duet of Jamie Fox and Kanye West on”Golddigger”. I especially found the Drum Corps stuff amusing and wonderful being a big fan of D&B. My day job lands me at a lot of parade shoots and I’ve been spotted in the wild shaking the groove thing in public More Than Once to any especially spirited high school marching band…

And people, I must say, your astute Poll voting was RIGHT ON! Green Day took the award for “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. But Uhhuh. Hello O.C.!:

“And the polka king, Jimmy Sturr, claimed his 15th Grammy, this time for “Shake, Rattle and Polka!” (Rounder). The victory pulled him into a tie for Grammys won with the decidedly better-known Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman.”

February 2, 2006

shawl collar first look

Ah! Behold my Second Flush of ROMANCE!

Not too long after the initial knitting frenzy of the Curve, the honeymoon was suddenly over.

Yes, I was still in love. But looking at the shape of the collar, mine eyes were darkened and my head began to swim. I made myself do three more pattern repeats to clear it. Nothing. So I put all of us to bed.

For a few days.

Then, refreshed! I read the directions again and pinned it to the neckline.


Yes, it’s unblocked. Yes, it requires some skill in the attachment – have you ever *eased* a piece of flexible fabric into another piece of unyielding fabric? I can do that – god bless there were years of sewing in the day. Sleeves, skirt, gathered and pleated, pockets, and bands. Lapels.

AH. Yes. Those dark days of the dull apprenticeship pay off – Ollie, the Italian tailor who taught me everything she knew about the Mystery of the Lapel would be proud.

Now the shape returns to brilliant and I can’t wait to see it done.

>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<
some fun Blog Fever in the shape of Word Clouds
via KARMA – thanks…
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After a couple of folks wrote to me, I made a little button for the Sock Nation! Take one from yesterday’s entry or the right side bar if you like… :)

Friday, January 27, 2005

unbelievable what two stitches will do
together in close proximity…


For someone who’s most exciting, mystical moment in knitting is the Turning of the Heel, the little piece of fabric you see above is like Gas on the BonneFire of the Imagination.


Flame ON!

This is a Collar.

A shawl collar.

Designed by the genius that is Debbie Bliss, from her Simply Soft book, it is one of the craftiest constructions I’ve ever attempted. Deceptively simple; beautifully curved.

Alas, only half-done but it just flies by so with any luck at all, I should have Lift0ff shortly. I was tempted to stay up all night working on this – have you ever done that – so enticing…


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