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Friday, December 12, 2008

While Chicago et Illinois, has been busy going to H*ll in a you know, I’ve been busy making hats!

The cool blue of the Cassidy cardi I’m knitting threw me into a stash-diving frenzy one evening after an especially brutal day of newsmaking on the streets…

Our sitting (for how long?) governor was pinched by the FBI for what they characterized as a “political crime spree” that left many of us standing in the freezing icy rain for hours as he was transported, evidence gleaned and oaths uttered.

Even the most temperate citizen of our Fair City was aflame with disbelief; from the politicians to the fry cooks, it was a moment like no other.

Not mentioned? Did the President Elect really need such events to drain away the positive energy and momentum he’s been building for weeks now downtown at the Hilton, introducing his team, trying to seed confidence in a New Year’s horizon…

I’ve been on the beat, even on his bus, following in close proximity for day after day the press conferences and events as he readies his ship to sail. Even I was struck dumb by the proceedings!

By late afternoon on Wednesday, following a bad cold, I’d lost my voice completely, which was probably a good thing because I couldn’t think of anything good to say about the house the Guv built any way. o.m.g.

So instead of off with his head, it’s On with some Hats!

I’m on a slow cool blue grey riff right now. It calms me. It soothes. And it’s going to be alright.

Women’s Wear Dailey weighs in on the Guv’s coif: “Jack Lord from ‘Hawaii 5-0’ called. He wants his look back…”

Thursday, October 16, 2008

l. to r.: Amanda, moi, Mercedes, Kristen

One of the very best things about knitting are the new friends one can make across the miles…

It’s even better when those friends come up to the home town and visit. On Sunday, a bunch of us here in sweet home C met up with none other than Runner Extraordinaire Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark for a celebration dinner up at Wishbone after the Chicago Marathon! She came all the way from Birmingham, Alabama, to run and we had a great time toasting (the lovely Amanda, seen on the left above, recommended the “Georgia Peach” cocktail wowee!) and eating some wonderful food (crawfish cakes — thumbs up)!

Besides being a Proud Champion of Marathon 2008, Mercedes is the owner of a fabulous knitting store in Birmingham, called Knit Nouveau. We also have the honor of being the designers of the coats in the new Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines book — Mercedes’ design is called METROPOLE (pg. 23) and it is wonderful!

© 2008 Gail ZuckerYARNCON
If you were over at YarnCon on the 4th, maybe you tried it on. Everyone who did looked adorable! It combines texture and shaping and stitch detailing to make a modern silhouette…

see more YarnCon pix here

Franklin’s booth was a big hit at YarnCon too and you can see him and his glorious new book: It Itches. at his book signing on Sunday, October 26 at Arcadia Knitting

more great pictures and great YarnCon storytelling from Kate @ the Stash Haus

©2008 Gail Zucker

I had a great time meeting and greeting all the knitters that came to the Pulaski Fieldhouse on the 4th and just rollicked the day away with the amazing Ann Shayne (who is more fun than a barrel of you know…)!!! Much of the book was *LIVE* at the show and you could see and fondle many projects. The Kiki Mariko felted blanket (page 68) was there too and it was amazing to see and fantasize the Before & After poaching because it was BIGBIGBIG after ;p

I totally fell in love with the knitted plaid KSH shawl called BELINDA (pg. 17); it uses two colors and I must have one out of dark brown and light blue! Ann was wearing the lime & blue one as a scarf after dark with her coat and it looked great (totally low bulk).

But what was most exciting for me was to see ladies trying on the YANK coat. The gremlins stold my camera but let me tell you that it was just so much fun to see it in the wild; look out Rhinebeck, it’s roaming its way straight to YOU!

Friday, August 15, 2008

chic knits knitting patterns

A sleeve is a happy thing :)

A knitted sleeve made with one’s own hands even more jolly!

It also intrigues and amuses one’s busmates on the CTA #66! No longer is there confusion about what you might be doing or making.

It’s a sweater!

And even in the humidity and dank air of the bus, viewers are refreshed because 99.9% of the hot sweaty passengers who gaze on le Sleeve are thinking of the coming winter.

They most likely say, “Yes, it will be cool soon…”

And they Feel cooler instantly thinking about it…

Regardless, it is the Wishful Fickle Thinking of the Regular Midwesterner. As soon as its hot, they long for the cold. When it’s cold, they fantasize about the heat. Even on a day such as Tuesday, which was almost perfect, several people commented to me that it was “more likes September, than August” which for me is a lively thumbs up, but for them was a not really.

I’m already on to the second sleeve; it goes at the max about two inches a ride at a relative speed of 35 mph on Chicago Avenue, faster once we get to Michigan Ave and really blazing when nearing my stop. Coming and going its always a race to the end of the round at Ashland or Huron especially on those times when I’m daydreaming generally about the winter or the fit of Phelps racer suit.

This sweater is the Basic Chic Hoodie which is available from retailers …HERE’s a List… (please call first for availibity). No ETA for a downloadable; am totally swamped with a deadline project in the house…

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